I have worked for United Parcel Service for over 10 years now, mostly as an integrations programmer
and an internal/external systems tech. I work mainly with VB script and SQL inside a middleware environment
called Crossware.
Before that I was a professional musician for 20 years, doing studio and live work around the country
and in south Florida. Ten years ago I decided I was tired and burned out in the music business and I wanted
to see how the other half lived their normal lives. It was a pleasant break until recently the economic tide
has made working in the corporate environment too stressful and thankless.
I currently live in Boca Raton, Florida I still work as a musician on occasion, I like to Golf,
workout at the gym, cook and take care of my dogs; one of which is posted in the previous page,
she's a Pappion rescue I adopted about a year ago named Pucci.